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Vietnam, Caudat, Anerobic Washed Process

We taste: bubble gum, toffee, vanilla, marshmallow, dark chocolate,


This coffee is a great example of the recent moves happening in recent years to take specialty grade Vietnam grown Arabica coffee to the U.S. market. While Vietnam has been 2nd in volume export of coffee globally for a number of years, the focus has been mostly on Robusta. Arabica production accounts for only 4-5 percent of Vietnam’s total coffee production and its planted area accounts for about 6 percent of the total area and specialty grade coffee exported is a fraction of this amount. This coffee is grown at an altitude of 1400-1600 masl, and the region is characterized by year-round cool weather and volcanic soil. Coffee has been growing in Cau dat since the mid-1850’s when it was introduced by the French. It has since been cultivated by Vietnamese farmers and the region is known for being the among the highest quality Arabica in the country. The coffee is picked ripe and pulped and separated using modern machinery, then fermented in containers (aka anaerobic) and washed with careful monitoring for quality.  After drying it is then stored in Da Lat, which has a lower average temperature than Ho Chi Minh, until it is ready for export, at which time it is hulled and sent to Ho Chi Minh. Once in Ho Chi Minh, the coffee is stored in a climate-controlled warehouse for up to two weeks before shipping.


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