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This is great, you have found the roaster's selection collection. These coffees are more complex than our Casual Coffees, and will often show a greater balance in the cup. Like a guitar amp that is still safely below 11, your buds are happy and you're on good speaking terms with the neighbors. We also offer exceptional decaf in this collection.

When you subscribe, we guide you on a tasting journey: you choose when and how much. We send our latest favorites. And don't worry, you can take a break at any time for whatever reason.

Choose between the follow options:

  • Roaster's Selection: a guided journey each week with easy going coffees
  • Decaf Roaster's Selection: the same care in selection as above, but decaffeinated
  • Rare and Reserve Coffees: experience limited release coffees at home for less than $1.5/cup*

*A brewed cup uses 15g coffee for 225ml (7.6oz) of water--a fairly heavy dose. Yield will vary based on how much more/less coffee you use per cup.

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