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We come across beautiful, sometimes strange, and most likely limited production coffee that turns our heads. If you're sampling it at a table near us, the giveaway is usually Clint jumping around excitedly and yelling something like "whoaaa". We can't guarantee you'll get to see any of these again, like maybe ever. But that's what makes them so special.

Subscribe and let us guide you on your tasting journey: you choose the size and how often you receive deliveries. Then we will be your tour guide. And don't worry, you can take a break at any time for whatever reason. 

We love that you can experience such special coffees at home for around $1.5/cup delivered. For reference, we assume a brewed cup uses 16g coffee for 225ml (7.6oz) of water. Yield will vary based on how much more or less coffee you use per cup.

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