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Costa Rica, F1 Hybrid, Natural Process

This floral, berry and cream flavor-driven coffee comes from a newly developed joint project between ECOM (parent company of Atlantic Specialty) and Camilo Merizalde.  Fairly recently, ECOM and Camilo have come together to begin a new project named after his original farm, “The Santuario Project”. Combined with ECOM’s varietal research, and Camilo’s attention to detail and meticulous processing, the Santuario Project makes for delicious coffee. The “F1” term used for this variety is actually not a varietal at all. F1 refers to the first generation of a new hybrid plant and continues according to generation F2, F3, F4, etc. For coffee, new hybrids are not genetically stable by seed propagation until the after the fifth generation of F5. Since this process can take 20+ years of selective breeding, most of the hybrids seen in today’s market are cultivated by leaf clippings or clones.


    Origin Information

    Producer: Santuario Project, Tres Milagros

    Country: Costa Rica

    Region: Tarrazu

    Elevation: 1,600 MASL

    Variety: Costa Rica “F1”, (Villa Sarchi x Rume Sudan x Ethiopian “T5296”)

    Process: Natural

    Harvest: November-March ‘19, Vacuum Packed


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