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Coffee Sample Pack - 4th Ed. - Competition Blend

One Coffee Masters test requires Karley to take two of the coffees used in the event and make a blend out of them. After a long day training for this discipline in the lab this past week, Karley brought a espresso shot of this blend to Clint and he about fell over. Like Karley's coffee approach, it is a sledgehammer wrapped in crushed velvet and we are proud to share it with you. The sample pack includes 3x4oz bags containing one of each of the two blend components and the final blended coffee.

Component #1

Sumatra, Bener Meriah, Wet-Hulled: This is an incredibly beautiful version of Indonesian coffee, remarkable for what we call cleanliness of flavors. While it has a bit of traditional earthiness to it, it shows cranberry and raspberry fruit acidity and ultra smooth finish that is great for anyone who loves bold yet smooth coffee.

Component #2

Colombia, Finca La Ilusion, Natural Process (92pts Coffee Review): Some may be shocked that we are using a high scoring coffee in the blend, but we don't like to use "filler coffees". Karley loved the smooth, bittersweet chocolate and berry notes of this coffee that seemed to meld effortlessly with the Sumatra Bener Meriah.

Final Blend

Competition Blend:

The combination of the Sumatran and Colombian coffees makes for a bold and balanced cup. What's amazing about this blend is the layers of chocolate and fruit that reveal something new with every sip and equally suited for filter brew and espresso. Like Karley's approach to many coffee things, this coffee is a sledgehammer wrapped in crushed velvet.

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