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Brazil, Simone, Honey Process

This coffee makes for an especially delicious single origin espresso or filter brew. We taste honey, raspberry, velvety chocolate, and molasses

The Story

Jardim das Oliveiras Farm is located in Araponga-MG, the headquarters of Serra do Brigadeiro State Park. Full of preserved forest areas, with an average altitude of 1200m, between peaks and mountains, the region produces some of the best coffees in Brazil.

All the farm processes were designed to produce the highest quality coffee in a sustainable way. No agrochemicals are used, water sources are preserved, the equipment has been chosen to preserve water and energy (gravity-based and water recycling wet mill) and coffee from wet and dry milling is reused in fertilization.

From the Grower:

 “My history in coffee started a long time ago. My parents were coffee growers in Araponga. Coffee has always been my family's livelihood. I and my 11 brothers and sisters grown up with the coffee production routine. I remember playing in the yard smelling the aroma of fresh beans.

My big challenge started nine years ago, when I, my husband and my two daughters decided to quit our jobs, with fixed salaries and city life routine, to return to Araponga and invest on quality and sustainable coffee producing. When we started our journey, we had to structure everything from scratch. We planted each coffee tree in our farm, built all post-harvest structure, our home and our team. We even lived without electricity for a while!

I am a small producer with approximately 65,000 coffee trees. I seek quality everywhere. From the areas we will plant the coffee, through the whole process of production and post-harvest. Today we are already getting the fruits of our commitment and dedication. Since 2011 we had our coffees among the best in Brazil in several quality awards that we participated (a total of 30 awards, with 10 first places).

I learned that with perseverance and care in what we do we can produce excellent coffees. My dream is that my 2 daughters follow the tradition of coffee growing." - Simone

Brewing Method Recommendation: We created this roast profile as single origin espresso, but it's delicious just about any way you brew it. It's perfect with all kinds of milks. Our favorite non-dairy pairing for this coffee is oat milk which makes it taste like cobbler dessert.
Filter/Pourover Recipe
Dose · 20g 
Water · 334g, 203F Temp
Ratio: 16.7 to 1
Brew Time: 4:00 is a good place to start.
  • Dose · 20g in, 50g out
  • Ratio: 2.5: 1
  • Brew Time: 26-30 seconds
  • Brew Temp: 201F, tested on La Spaziale Dream @ 9 bar

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