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Brazil Luiz Paulo Perreria Sudan Rume Natural

Our friend Chris at Royal Coffee sourced this fantastic coffee and we are so excited to share it with you. 

"This Sudan Rume is attention-grabbing and spectacular. It’s one of the most pristine expressions of the intersection of cultivar, process, and terroir I can imagine. And it’s just far too easy to drink. 

The uncommonly cultivated landrace – often used as an ingredient in hybrids rather than grown commercially – is a perfect example of Luiz’s creativity, innovative techniques and exceptional location. 

Santuário Sul is Luiz Paulo’s variety garden and experimental farm, a 300-acre tract with 30 cultivated varieties of coffee and a legacy as Cup of Excellence and Carmo Best Cup winner. The estate is located in Carmo de Minas (for which the export company is named), a small town Luiz and his family have practically put on the map.

For the past 15 years, the word Carmo has become synonymous with quality. Part of this has undoubtedly to do with the region’s naturally ideal environment. Carmo de Minas is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range, peaks spanning from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, and the slopes that fall within the borders of the vast bread-basket state of Minas Gerais are known under an “Indication of Origin” as the “Mantiqueira de Minas.” The region is the epicenter of some of Brazil’s most exceptional coffees and award-winning coffee farms.    

The word Mantiqueira is derived from a Tupi phrase meaning “crying mountains.” The range is rife with natural springs, including Carmo’s neighboring city of São Lourenço, where the water bursts forth from the earth, mineral-rich and effervescent. The abundance of fresh water in the region is uncommon in many Brazilian production zones, and combined with distinctive elevations, terrain unsuitable for mechanical harvesting, and smaller-than-average estates, the perfect ingredients exist in Carmo de Minas for exceptional coffees.

Perfect ingredients still require precise techniques, however, and these have been honed by Luiz Paulo, his family, and Carmo Coffees, over the years. To the untrained eye, processing natural coffees may seem a simple task – just dry the coffee in the sun! Creating coffees with flavors as unparallelled as this Sudan Rume, however, require attention and precision on every step of the journey. "

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