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Brazil, Nelson Ribeiro & Luca Allegro, Natural Process

An elegant coffee with an array of flavors that can be explored with various brew methods. Velvety chocolate, light florals, strawberry preserves, tropical fruit, toffee.

The Story

From neighbors Nelson Ribeiro and Luca Allegro, this 100% Catuaí cultivar coffee lot comes from the Chapada Diamantina region in the state of Bahia, Brazil. It is home to a national reserve and park and once the site of diamond mines. The carefully designed farming practices from these farms are based on Rudolf Steiner's method of biodynamic cultivation. Ribeiro and Allegro also share their knowledge through the local biodynamic association, Asociación Biodinámica d'Ibicoara, that they co-founded to support biodynamic practices in the region that is home to over 600 biodynamic farming workers.

The natural processing used for this coffee involves drying the coffee while the seed is still inside the fruit. Ribeiro and Allegro tend to much thinner layers of coffee when drying than is common in larger scale production in Brazil and is carefully monitored with regular turning to insure even drying and quality product. Ribiero and Allegro also use multiple phases of sorting including physical size grading and a secondary color sorting at the facility that rejects unwanted variations in color. The care and attention apparent in their practices and the resulting quality in the cup is very encouraging for the future of specialty coffee in Brazil.

Coffee Review, 92 PTS
This coffee tied for the second-highest rating in a cupping of coffees from Brazil for Coffee Review’s May 2018 tasting report.
Blind Assessment: Crisp, delicately sweet. Baker’s chocolate, violet-like flowers, papaya, macadamia nut, molasses in aroma and cup. Balanced, bittersweet structure; impressively buoyant, velvety mouthfeel. The resonant, flavor-saturated finish consolidates around notes of violet and papaya with a throughline of molasses-like sweetness.  This coffee tied for the second-highest rating in a cupping of coffees from Brazil for Coffee Review’s May 2018 tasting report.
Photo Credit: Luca Allegro

Origin Information

Luca Allegro & Nelson Ribeiro, Fazenda Floresta & Aranquan, Asociación Biodinámica d'Ibicoara
Ibicoara Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil
April - September 2017
1000 - 1200 meters
Natural process, dried in the fruit in the sun
Brewing Method Recommendation: We haven't found a method we did not like and what we call an "omni roast", as you can coax it every which way and still get great results. Kalita Wave pour overs produced a really balanced cup and espresso is phenomenal. 
Filter/Pourover Recipe
Dose · 25g 
Water · 400g
Ratio: 16 to 1
Brew Time: 3:30 is a good target on Kalita wave
  • Dose · 19g in, 48g out
  • Ratio: 2.5 : 1
  • Brew Time: 27-30 seconds

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