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*Rare* Carlos Fernandez Morera, Anaerobic

If you like unique coffees and fall flavors, this one is for you. We call this one "cinnamon toast coffee" and you'll see why after your first cup.

The Story

Frequently recognized with top 10 finishes in the Cup of Excellence auction in Costa Rica, including a fourth-place and eight place finishes in the 2017 and 2018 programs respectively. This coffee is sourced from a El Diamante (The Diamond), which is owned and operated by Carlos Fernández Morera and his family. This completed his 64th coffee season growing coffee and his 7th year experimenting with the special anaerobic washing process described below that yields this amazing coffee.

El Diamante is a 14-acre farm located in San Rafael de San Ramón within the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Carlos and his family are members of Café de Altura de San Ramón Especial S.A. (Café de Altura), an association that was founded in 2004 and currently has more than 3500 members who receive technical support to increase the quality of their coffee and productivity on their farms. This is clearly an example of cutting edge experimentation paying off for producers. The coffee is processed using an anaerobic fermentation process, which means the depulped coffee was fermented in an airtight tank with its own honey water containing some of coffee fruit that was removed from the seed. Temperature, brix, pH, time, and pressure are carefully controlled to enhance the coffee's flavors during the fermentation process. The results in the cup speaks to the brilliant method. 

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon toast, caramel apple, clove, gingerbread, poached pear

    Origin Information

    Carlos Fernández Morera, Finca El Cerro, Parcela El Diamante
    Catuaí, Caturra
    San Rafael de San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica
    1100 - 1350 meters
    Volcanic loam
    Depulped, then fermented anaerobically and fully washed. Dried in the sun on a patio and then on raised beds.
    Brewing Method Recommendation: It is hard to make this coffee taste anything other than outstanding. Try Kalita Wave at 15:1 ratio to accentuate the baking spice notes, a Hario V60 to bring out a lovely green apple brightness that balances the sweetness of the coffee. Automatic drip brew is also great at about a 16:1 ratio. Espresso is strikingly good at 2:1 to 2.25:1 ratio.
      • Basic Filter/Pourover Recipe
      • Dose · 25g (about 3 tablespoons)
      • Water · 400g
      • Ratio: 16 to 1
      • Time: 4:00 is a good target for Kalita

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