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Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe, Wolde Hirbe, Natural

Coffees like this wonderful single farmer lot from Wolde Hirbe have been known to change many a coffee drinker's choices forever. It is a much welcomed way to start off 2021. There is such a vast array of flavor in this coffee but you may find strawberry, rose, maple, passion fruit, and nectarine.

The Story

This coffee is produced by Wolde Hirbe and processed as a separate lot at the Adame Gorbota Cooperative where Wolde is a member. The Adame Gorbota Cooperative is located in the district of Wenago in the Gedeo Zone within the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region, Ethiopia. Wolde Hirbe is part of the single producer project developed jointly between the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU) and Royal Coffee. The project was initiated in 2012 with a handful of ‘Model’ producers from cooperatives organized under the YCFCU umbrella who have been willing to work with a rigorous set of processing standards, regular farm visits from the Royal team, and higher cup qualifications. In exchange, producers earn higher quality premiums based on the sale of their individual lots.  Wolde was originally selected for the project because he has been cultivating coffee for more than 30 years and his 10 acre farm located near the community of Jemjemo is meticulously managed. Wolde’s coffee has been consistently sold as a micro-lot since the inception of the single producer project, which has helped him better support his family of ten.
Wolde Hirbe
Indigenous heirloom cultivars
Wenago, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region, Ethiopia
October - January
1600-1800 masl
Full natural and dried on raised beds
grown organically
    • Filter/Pourover Recipe
      • Dose · 25g 
      • Water · 400g
      • Temp · 203F
      • Ratio: 16 to 1 Water to Coffee for a full bodied cup. Use a little more water up to 17:1 ratio if you like the more delicate florals and lighter tropical notes to come through.
      • Brew Time: 4:00 is a good starting point
    • Espresso Recipe
      • Coffee Dose · 20g 
      • Beverage Weight · 45g
      • Ratio: 2.25:1 
      • Brew Time: 30-26 seconds
      • Temp · 201F @ 9bar, tested on La Spaziale Dream

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