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El Salvador, Mena Family, Gesha Natural

The Story

Around 1840 Manuel Ariz left the Galician Coast in Spain, initially living in Guatemala and then El Salvador when he married Josefa Herrera. Don Manuel Ariz established his center of coffee growing and processing operations at the Villa España plantation located in the town of Ataco. Through the years, his descendants expanded their coffee growing operations to the Santa Ana Volcano and the Bálsamo Mountain range in the La Libertad province, building the Galicia coffee mill in Chalchuapa, Santa Ana. Today, the 6th generation of Don Manuel Ariz’s descendants produce, process, and export only the family’s coffee, which allows for strict quality control from the agricultural level all the way to the export process. This particular lot is the famous Gesha variety, known for its delicate and unique flavors.
Ataco, El Salvador
"Natural" dried in the fruit on raised beds in the sun

Brewing Method Recommendation: Espresso and filter brew are our favorites methods for this unique coffee but this coffee performs well with most brewing methods.
    • Filter/Pourover Recipe
      • Dose · 25g 
      • Water · 400g
      • Temp · 203F
      • Ratio: 16 to 1 Water to Coffee for a full bodied cup. Use a little more water up to 17:1 ratio if you like the more delicate florals and lighter tropical fruit notes to come through.
      • Brew Time: 4:00 is a good starting point
    • Espresso Recipe
      • Coffee Dose · 20g 
      • Beverage Weight · 50g
      • Ratio: 2.5:1 
      • Brew Time: 30-26 seconds
      • Temp · 201F @ 9bar, tested on La Spaziale Dream

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