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Decaf, Sumatra, Bener Meriah

This coffee is delightfully sparkling with soft elements of classic Sumatran character like dark chocolate, slight earthiness, and hints of cedar but is balanced by bright citrus and tropical fruit reminiscent of mango.

    The Story

    Bener Meriah is located within the wider region of Aceh, sometimes referred to as Gayo or Gayoland in reference to the local Gayonese ethnic majority. Wet hulling coffee in parchment, locally “giling basah” is common practice here. Rather than letting the coffee remain in its outer parchment layer as it dries after depulping, this shell will be hulled while the coffee is still between 20-40% moisture content. The exposed green will then complete drying, imparting unique flavors commonly associated with Indonesian island coffee broadly, and Sumatran coffee specifically.

    KSU Gayo Mandiri cooperative was founded in 2008 and currently has 1218 members. On average, producers cultivate coffee on 2.5 acres of land using their own micro-mills to depulp and dry coffee. The cooperative hosts regular trainings on best agricultural practices to assist small producers with their organic certification while improving the quality of their coffee. KSU Gayo Mandiri also invest premiums generated from certifications in roads to help producers overcome problems transporting their coffee. The cooperative also recently purchased an ambulance to improve access to emergency healthcare.

    Origin Information

    KSU Gayo Mandiri | Gayo Mandiri Cooperative
    Bourbon, Catimor, and Typica
    Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh District, Sumatra, Indonesia
    June - December 2020
    1200 – 1350 meters
    Volcanic loam
    Wet hulled and dried in the sun, decaffeinated by Mountain Water Process
    Fair Trade, Organic at Export

    Brewing Method Recommendation: This coffee really does well across most filter brew methods; however, finer grinding pourovers and Aeropress bring the sweet, citrus and tropical fruit flavor to center stage. If you're doing a french press we recommend a trying slightly longer brew time and/or finer grind.
    • Dose · 20g 
    • Water · 300g
    • Water to Coffee Ratio: 15 to 1 creates a full bodied and balanced cup
    • Total Time: 3:30 for Kalita, 4:00 for chemex and about 4:30 french press if you're on a medium coarse grind (28 on Baratza Encore)
    • Notes: A finer grind than normal is worth pursuing as well for those who enjoy a rich, heavily extracted Sumatran coffee (it is a nice soft coffee punch in the face)

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