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Decaf, Ethiopia, Guji, Natural Process

The Story

Wait, this is decaf?!? Not only our favorite decaf to date, it is the best fresh crop Ethiopian natural we sampled amongst many. We are very excited to roast this coffee for you. This coffee went through a lot of small adjustments over many roasts during our research and development process and we (joyfully) chugged gallons of test brew to arrive at a profile we think does it justice: flavors of cherry, ripe orange, graham cracker, dark chocolate, maybe a handful of berries, and smooth honey sweetness. 

Small farmholders in the Guji Zone of Ethiopia.
Various heirloom
Ethiopia, Oromia, Guji Zone
1200-2100 meters above sea level
Natural, dried in the cherry in the sun then decaffeinated by chemical-free Mountain Water Process.

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